France – Day 1 – Part 2 – Nausicaa etc.

Hi all, I am currently pressing quietly on my keys as I sit outside dorm 51 on the boys side, I’ve done quite a bit of ssshhhing but after 10minutes or so they seem to be settling down after a busy day 1 of their school journey.

Mr Sadler is at the other end of the corridor where he has 10 boys in one dorm, good luck with that, he’s opting for the shhhhing tactic and he seems to be getting some joy.

Our crossing was as smooth as I’ve known it and we arrived promptly in France (just did another shhh towards dorm 52), it always surprises me how many children don’t realise that we ACTUALLY went under the sea to get here. As I said earlier it’s quite a throwback on the coaches and the girls behind me were engaging in some judging of each-others drawings, one drew a banana and one drew some cherries, they gave each other very nice concise written feedback on the drawings so I decided to join in and submit my own drawing of a ‘chochon’ or pig. The girls said I should have joined the ears to the head a bit better and the eyes were a bit funny – I don’t think I’ll submit another one.

Nausicaa was great once again and this year they have a brand new building for us to visit, it only opened in May and it houses the biggest tank in Europe. It’s fair to say it’s big, 60x30x8 to be precise and the tour ends with a spectacularly huge, immerse glass screen to children to marvel at. Despite this wonder, my group seemed happiest when they realised they were stood under fluorescent lights in the deep sea section, those wearing white started to glow and they were simply beside themselves with excitement – it’s the simply pleasures in life I guess.

Dinner tonight was savoury crepes to start, breaded fish and vegetables for main and chocolate eclairs for desert – the accompaniment for all of these fines courses was of course – baguette. I’m pretty sure even Napoleon’s army didn’t eat this much bread. The eclairs were a particular highlight and the diplomacy involved in deciding who gets a second one would put certain world leaders to shame.

I have now stopped my shhhhing and Mr Sadler is bravely leaving his post at the end of the 10 man dorm. I think, finally, they are asleep.

Tomorrow is visiting WW1 battlefields in Albert for coach 2 and Rouen for coach 1 so should be good fun.

As ever, all children are happy and it was a brilliant first day.

Mr Powell

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  1. Khawaja Bilal says:

    This was a very nice and informative blog. Thank you for the effort you and the rest of the faculty have put in on behalf of our kids. A few more pictures would make it perfect. Thanks once more.

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