Day 3 P2 – Coach 2 with Mr Williams

Yet another early start and off, bright eyed and bushy-tailed, to a farm in a small village in the heart of Normandy where they make goats’ cheese. The children learn about the process of cheese making as well as experiencing walking with the herd of goats – it was quite amazing watching two herds, one dressed in blue hoodies, walking gently to the pasture and mingling together like long lost friends.

The children had the opportunity to taste goats’ milk and two different types of cheese made on the farm using that goats’ milk.  One cheese took less than a week to make but was beautifully creamy; the other was a little more mature as it took one month to make – both were beautiful and appreciated by all.

There were several other animals on the farm; chickens, a horse, cows and two dogs who decided to join us for lunch and ended up “borrowing”a baguette!

We then travelled back to the coach where we walked around Dieppe, saw some of the sights and found out more about the importance of Dieppe as a port throughout the ages but also in the WWII when a raid planned by Ian Fleming – yes, that Ian Fleming of James Bond fame – failed to secure their target of an Enigma coding machine that was supposedly held in Dieppe at the time.  The children re-enacted charging up the beach and realised very quickly how difficult it was, so stopped and made stone sculptures instead or had an ice-cream – much better!

Our final stop of the day was at the local apple farm in Criel where the children had an interesting time listening and learning about apple juice and cider production.  They tasted the organic juice but soon it was time to go home for tea and evening activities and play.

Time for bed, I think. Where is that cup of tea?

Mr Williams

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  1. Monica says:

    Looks amazing, glad you all managing to have fun without technology!!. Sending birthday wishes to ….
    Mark Butler-Abruna ( 11 today) .
    Bon Anniversaire Marc!!

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