France Day 1 – Part 1 – We Have Arrived

Hi all, this is where you will find my daily blogs from France, we have just arrived in France and it’s been a really smooth journey.

We had some ‘seagull issues’ during lunch where Folkestone’s finest laid siege to our leftovers, a seagull is a pretty intimidating bird when you see one up close and judging from the girl’s screams – they clearly agreed.

Our crossing was all on time and we are in the capable hands of our coach drivers Malcolm and Andrew who have been superb so far. Coach one is brand new and I asked the children to guess its price, one boy suggested £10,000 which was about £240,000 short – he best get saving if he wants one for when he’s 17.

Things are quite oldy worldy on the coach (we even had a spontaneous rendition of ‘pack up your troubles in your old kit bag’) with travel monopoly and travel cluedo proving difficult to play with four players across two sets of seats, one girl said to me ‘It’s hard because the girls behind can’t see the board’ – you wouldn’t have this trouble with iPad app. Pass the Pigs is also getting an outing but it’s more like ‘lose the pigs under a seat’ – I haven’t seen any leaning jowlers yet.

As ever, all children are happy and are looking forward to Nausicaa aquarium which has been renovated/extended for 2018 so that should be a bonus.

Mr Powell

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  1. Gemma Rainbird says:

    I love Pass the pigs, it’s a great little game. Glad you are all OK and having fun. Looking forward to the next instalment.

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