Day 3 – Dieppe, Cider Farm and The Goat’s Cheese Farm

Hi all, once again you find me sat outside three dorms  doing my usual routine of shhhing until little voices come to a stop. They have only really taken 15 mins or so to settle down so I can’t complain and by day 3 most are so tired that the pillow comes as a welcome relief.

Out first outing of the day was to Dieppe where we learnt about how some 1,800 British soldiers stormed the beaches only to meet their end at the hands of German machine gun fire, with the WW1 battlefields this is quite a sobering week for the children but empathising with those who fought in World Wars is a really important thing for children and they all listened intently to the stories their guides had to tell.

The goat’s cheese farm was also on today’s menu and the children got to go into the fields and pet the goats. Without prompt the children each adopted a goat and they were all given such names as ‘rub a dub dub’ – I asked once child why she went for that name and she said ‘it’s because it rubbed up against me’ – silly me for asking. Coach 1 are a real group of animal lovers and they were much more confident with goats than I was.

There was new baby kid born just last Friday and luckily it was in a little cage because 45 Year 6s descended on the poor thing as if it were a brand new toy. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be three days old and have a swarm of  eager Y6s wearing bright blue coming at you, I quickly checked the kid was ok and moved the children onto the section where Rosmarie, our guide, showed them how goat’s cheese is made.

Over at the girl’s side tonight, we once again are reaching new heights for dorm inspections and Mrs Turner has just sent me this about her dorms:

The girls surpassed themselves with their presentations. Along with marks for floor, beds, tidiness and any extra marks for good answering during the day each room devised some amazing shows involving rhyming couplets, gymnastics, mime, French conversation and some great singing and dancing. Singing included a variation on Be Our Guest and a version of Anne-Marie’s 2002. We had La petite cleaning crew who presented their pristine room. Actors appeared from behind curtains and doors in some impressively choreographed displays perfected in very little time. Rhymes include ‘Bienvenu we have prepared this room for you’ and one that would have made Michael Rosen proud rhyming corner with honour. The girls have brought their talents and creativity to the for and combined their talents with what they have experienced and learned here in France 🇫🇷 There is all to play for in dorm points as some girls have really upped their game.

It all sounds great fun and just reencforces in my mind just how good Aristocats will be with so many talented actors in our midst.

As ever, all children are happy and have just read their letters home, it’s always a nice moment and thank you all for writing.

Mr Williams is once again along the corridor from me and he is going to blog about coach 2’s day shortly whilst I make us a well earned cup of tea.

Mr Powell


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  1. Gemma Rainbird says:

    What happened to Mr Williams’ day 3 part 2? I wonder if he survived the nightly ‘corridor vigil’!

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