Day 2 – Dieppe and The Organic Cheese Farm by Mr Williams

Being woken by the pitter-patter of tiny feet is something you get used to when on school journey, particularly at 6.00 in the morning when the first flurry of movement starts. Today was no exception and by 7.45 the boys were all up after a good night’s sleep, dressed, washed (honestly), rooms tidy (really honestly), inspected and ready for breakfast. The girls matched the boys in timing and effort and we all met together outside the dining hall to go into breakfast as a school.

It was another bluebird sky, the perfect weather to go to Dieppe. The trip there was easy and we were soon by the harbour learning about the history and economics of Dieppe. More importantly the Cafe Tout va Bien was waiting to serve 63 crepes of different beautifulness – chocolat, citron ou sucre. All delightful and by the end the remnants covered the faces of every child (and staff members). A quick tour around the town which ended up at the memorial for an attack by Canadian forces in 1942 against the port, which was held by the Germans. Unbelievably the attack was plotted by no other than Ian Fleming (he of James Bond fame).

The visit to Dieppe ended up us all having a picnic lunch in the wonderful sunshine – the perfect spot.

Once watered, we got back onto the bus and made our way into the interior and visited a goat farm (welll there were cows as well but it was the making of chèvre (goat’s cheese) that we were there to enjoy). The farm had 73 goats, all of which were stroked and petted by the children. We then got chance to taste new cheese, less than a week old, and an older cheese, at the enormous age of one month old – both delicious and totally different tastes.

At last we made our way back to the chateau, not to rest but to play a 27-a-side football match. As Mrs Turner walked onto the pitch she was surprised to hear Mr Brampton and two boys talking about the relative merits of the Chinese system of government and whether it was diverse enough to promote change and development. Needless to say, the conversation stopped from time-to-time as one of the conversationalists got up to hoof a ball that had got within kicking range off in the direction of goal.

Dinner was accepted with open arms and mouths; an excellent tomato salad followed by fish and ratatouille and a chocolate desert – just what the doctor ordered.

Is it time for bed, I hear you cry? Oh no, not by any stretch. Off for mini Olympics and a lot of races and competition Everyone loving it.

You never know after today the pitter-patter of tiny feet may not start until 6.05 tomorrow! We can but hope!

Mr Williams

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